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Are you an employer, construction safety officer, onsite supervisor, foreman and/or worker?

Does your job require you to provide onsite traffic control services as part of your daily activities?

Are you aware of the New Traffic Management Manual (TMM) coming into effect January 1, 2019?

Does your company's Safety Manual reflect the new TMM standards?

Does your employer have a Management Structure System in place for the creation and implementation of Traffic Management Plans?

Did you know that outsourcing all Traffic Control is costly and having a certified TCP onsite, who can set up self regulating traffic control plans and perform general flagging duties as needed, results in considerable savings, eliminates 4 hour minimum charges, and ‘no show’ surprises?

When you add up all of these questions, the bottom line is this:

Employer’s must have an Internal Quality Control System, for the purpose of creating and implementing Traffic Management Plans via qualified Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS).

According to Section #115(2)(e) of the WCA:

Employers are required to inform those directly involved in onsite traffic control operations of all known and/or foreseeable hazards, and are given the proper: information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure the activities of all personal at that workplace relating to Occupational Health and Safety are coordinated.

Therefore, it is important that all Traffic Control Supervisors have a working knowledge of all relevant Traffic Control Standards and OHS Regulations Requirements, and the ability to implement these standards in the field.

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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, all traffic control must be performed in a safe manner and in compliance with the Regulations. As well, every employer in addition, must provide sufficient supervision in the workplace to ensure training and instruction has been practical and that traffic control is being done effectively and safely. In order to achieve these objectives, it is therefore, the overall Goal of this workshop to assist the participants to acquire “to the best of their abilities” a mastery of the new Traffic Management Manual and its table of contents, structure, and its overall purpose.

It is mandatory that CSO’s  Site Supervisors, corporate safety officers, and any other individuals engaged in deploying traffic control on urban construction sites know critical changes to the new MOT Traffic Management Manual affect roles, safety, risk management.

Be Ready.  This 4 hour course will help you understand the NEW MOT Traffic Management Manual that takes effect January 2019.

Key Takeaways
Workshop Objectives


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