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Do you require a Traffic Management Plan?

At MJP we can create site-specific custom- designed traffic control plans to accommodate any and all traffic control requirements in accordance with both Ministry of Transportation and WorkSafeBC Standards. All of our services will begin with an initial site visit consultation to assess the various proposed work activities within the surrounding geographic location.  

  • Excavations

  • Concrete pours

  • Critical lifts

  • Major deliveries and

  • Various other day to day activities

Once confirmation of proposed work activities are made, MJP will design multiple traffic control plans to accommodate each of these site-specific requirements. Once all traffic control plans have been internally confirmed to be in compliance with all relevant standards, they will be ready for submission to the local municipal road authorities to obtain Work Permit Authorization.

All Traffic Control Plans designed by MJP include one no-cost revision and required updates as the work activities progress through the various stages of the project.  Throughout the life-cycle of the project we can, if necessary, assist with the implementation of the various traffic control plans including:

  • Lane Closures

  • General Flagging

  • Supervision

Our utmost concern is for the safety of all onsite roadside workers and the general public at large. With over ten years of experience within the traffic control industry, we have learned that traffic control planning is not a last minute exercise, but a well-thought-out structured process before, during and after to ensure the overall safety and effectiveness of the various traffic control plans.

For your on-site consultation please contact us: 604.253.9444

 Pricing Guideline for TMP Services:

  • $350 Site Consultation and first Traffic Control Plan (generic)

  • $150  phase specific plan (excavation, concrete pours, critical lifts, major deliveries ) and self-regulating options etc

  • Revisions included : first revision on any plan is free ($150 thereafter)

  • Prices do not include GST.

When Timing Is Everything

Don’t waste your valuable company resources struggling to get your traffic control plans approved. Focus on your companies competitive advantages and let us help get your project started. We pride ourselves on the ability to produce the highest quality “approved” traffic control plans faster than the competition.








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