TCP Certification Course

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In this Traffic Control Certification course participants will experience both classroom and practical instruction.

Course Overview
Prerequisites & Qualifications
Course Objectives
Cost of Course and Bonuses
Preparation & What a Student Must Bring to Class
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Desirable Character Traits

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Course Overview

The TCP Certification Course is a two-day training session designed to qualify those who work as TCP's throughout the province of BC.  Workers' Compensation Board requires that any worker stopping traffic must be certified by a recognized training course.

  • Mandatory course to become a certified TCP (flagger).

  • Only course accepted by WorkSafeBC in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations

  • Written exam and practical evaluation

  • BCCSA’s standardized training curriculum for TCPs

  • Successful graduates receive a certificate valid for three years

  • Cost - $250


Course Prerequisites & Qualifications:

  • No prerequisites

  • Must be at least 16 years of age

  • There may be certain restrictions on those who may work as TCP's

  • Must pass written exam with a minimum mark of 80% and the practical evaluation with 100%

Desirable Character Traits of a Good TCP

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Course Objectives

Key emphasis on safety and competence - after successfully completing your training, you will be familiar with:

  • Roles and responsibilities of TCPs, employers and supervisors

  • Regulations and standards, including those set out by Ministry of Transportation, WorkSafeBC and the Motor Vehicle Act

  • Traffic control equipment and devices, as well as personal protective equipment

  • Setting up, maintaining and removing work zones 

  • Working around equipment

  • Basic and advanced traffic control skills

Curriculum Outline


The course is affordable, at a cost of $250 (effective as of January 1, 2020).  A minimum deposit of $50 is required with the balance due prior to the beginning of class on day one.  Classes are limited to fourteen students and registrations are on a first come/first serve basis, so early registration is recommended to ensure space is available on the dates you require.

Registration includes:

  • Course manuals and work-books, which are provided at the time of registration.  We cannot emphasize enough the advantages of pre-reading the material so you are familiar with the work.

  • Equipment & safety gear for the practicum is provided during the course.  You must provide your own CSA Approved Class 1 steel toed work boots.

  • REFUND POLICY:  No refunds without 48 hour  EMAIL notice only.

Bonus Package

As an Alumni of the Academy you will receive exclusive benefits and opportunities upon registration, such as: 

  • Free photo for certification/documentation

  • Employer contact list and job leads

  • Lane closure workshops

  • Group deals on skill upgrades

  • Affiliate opportunities

  • Resources for career management

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Preparation & What a Student Must Bring to Class

Please, we ask that you arrive prepared and on time.  We cannot emphasize enough the advantages of your pre-reading the course material so you are familiar with the work.  Also review the lists below to ensure you are ready to start with the rest of the class.

What happens on day one:

  • Bring your course manuals to class. When you register you will receive all the necessary course materials - manuals and workbooks. 

  • The balance of your registration fees are due prior to commencement of class.

  • Bring a smile.  One of the first things we do is take your photo.  Most TCP training schools will request that you bring a passport sized photo with you, but at the Academy we will take your photo and process it for your laminated wallet certification ID which is sent to you from the regulating authorities at a later date.  You are issued a temporary certification in the meantime.

  • Be well rested and alert. It may be an intense two days of learning as lots of information is presented and new skills must be learned to pass the examination. 

On day 2

  • You will need your manual for the open book examination.

  • There is a outdoor practical session for hands on practice.

  • During the practicum you will be evaluated.

  • You MUST wear CSA Approved Class 1 steel toed work boots (you will not be able to participate in the practicum without these).

  • Wear or bring clothing suitable for the weather. The Academy  will provide you with a proper hard hat, wrist cuffs, high visibility vest and all the necessary equipment needed for the practical session. These items are to be returned to the instructor at the end of the practical session.


The Examination

To successfully complete the course, you must pass the written exam with a minimum mark of 80%.  This is an open book exam with a time limit or 25 minutes, so you must be familiar with the material and how to find what you require.

Then you must pass the practical evaluation with 100%

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