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This educational workshop and its associated training materials are designed to provide participants with the appropriate “information and training” requirements under Section #18.4 (2) of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, which states that all Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS) must be trained in a Manner Acceptable to WorkSafeBC.  It is therefore, the intent of this workshop to provide participants, to the best of their abilities, a working knowledge of the New Traffic Management Manual (2015) and its related Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines. It is not the intent of this workshop to qualify participants to work in a high risk traffic control environment, as defined by Section #18.4 (c) of the OHS Regulations and its related Guidelines. Due to constantly changing Industry Standards and Regulations, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of course materials at time of printing. The Traffic Control Academy and/or its instructors cannot assume any responsibility for omissions, errors, misprinting or ambiguity contained in the training materials or presentation thereof and shall not be held liable in any degree for any loss or injury caused by such omission, error, misprinting or ambiguity.

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Cost: $250 per person (plus GST)
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