Road Safety is No Accident - Safety by Design

The mandate of the Traffic Control Academy is to provide the best training to ensure the trainee is equipped with the knowledge, skills and learning experience to safely regulate traffic.

The BCCSA Traffic Control Person Course (TCP) is a British Columbia Government regulated course and is mandatory in BC for any person who deals with traffic control as all or part of their job description, especially within the construction, road maintenance, utility or film industries. We strive to engage our trainees with innovative and pertinent instruction and graduate road savvy, job ready flaggers; emphasizing safety, reliability and co-operation.

We tailor some classes based on job task assessments to address requirements of specific industries.

After certification, there are multiple opportunities for TCPs as the highway infrastructure of British Columbia continues to develop, construction flourishes, and BCs film industry (Hollywood North) thrives. Your TCP certificate is valid throughout all of BC.




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